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Manage all your student details, enrol students into courses and track their academic progress through the grading of assessments. You can also create your own data capture fields to make sure you capture all the student data needed. Create bar-coded student cards, record student absenteeism, upload important documents like ID copies, and much more.

Access a host of reports that allow you to understand what is happening in your institution. You can generate academic transcripts and reports for student performance, assessment results, class lists, lecture attendance and more. Reports are generated in PDF or Excel format which allows for easy saving, printing and emailing.

Manage your institution’s lecture timetable and the allocation of resources. For each lecture, you can specify which lecturer and classroom to use. The system will alert you to any double booking conflicts you may have made. You can share these timetables with the lecturers and students. You can also use the timetable feature to record student lecture attendance.

Lecturers can prepare and publish course material for their students to view online. Students can learn from web pages, watch YouTube videos and download PDF, Word, Excel and other files. Students can submit assignments online and receive feedback from their lecturers. They can also partake in multiple choice and written online assessments.

Our system ensures that all data required for Edu.Dex data submissions is captured and validated.You can see at a glance which records fail validation and how to correct them. A single click will generate all the required files.

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